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Customer recognition

We have reserved this page to bring attention to some of our customers.  This includes businesses and individuals.  We appreciate their patronage and realize the importance of their choosing to visit us.    
THANK YOU -  Freddie, Lyle, Mr. Charles, Ernest, Judy, Clint, Roy D., John, Jackie, Wendell, Dean, Leroy, Hal, Chad, Neal, Ronnie, Charlie, Rick, Gerald, Renee, Paul, Bob, Denise, Pat, Bodie, Jerry, Alvin, Barbara, David, Lee, Jeffrey, J.J., Matt, Kyle, Curtis, Tina, Felicia, Hardy, Shawn and crew and all the many others......

This side of the page is being reserved for "other" customers.  Ones that I would like to bring attention to so that individuals and other busineses can be made aware that they are out there.
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